New Horizons in EMDR: harnessing the insights of Parts & Ego States by using an IFS-inspired approach to trauma healing.

We’re pioneering our first long-form EMDR & IFS course running over 16 weeks beginning in September.

Want to join us on the journey of blending EMDR & IFS?

EMDR and IFS are the most powerful therapies available for generating the brain’s natural healing mechanisms, which EMDR has called the Adaptive Information Processing Model or AIP and IFS calls unburdening. Both approaches bring about memory consolidation to change the way the brains stores memories and thus overcome debilitating symptoms like depression, anxiety, eating disorders, behavioural and substance addictions, physical illnesses like chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia up to more severe illnesses like borderline personality disorder, and suicidal thoughts.

Many people find that a short weekend training isn’t enough to really deepen the learning to embed it into their practise. By meeting for three hours a week, over sixteen weeks you’ll get to take a deep dive into:

  • Attachment focused EMDR
  • Internal Family System (IFS) model
  • EMDR with Addiction

Attachment focused EMDR also known as attach informed EMDR brings you Laurel Parnell’s innovations in simplifying the standard EMDR protocol, rich imaginal resourcing and truly brilliant bridging technique that allows you to tap into the root causes of today’s presenting problems and symptoms.

The IFS model brings a relational set of tools to EMDR that offer ways to work with the most stuck, resistant and avoidant of clients. Firstly there’s a whole new approach to understanding targets, that now become parts in the IFS model. Parts who can be dialogued with and appreciated for their positive intentions. As all the parts who drive the symptoms are carrying burdens and trauma they can be assisted to unburden and integrate. Plus as well as dialoguing with the firefighters who drive addictive behaviours you’ll get to learn all the EMDR protocols for working with addiction too.

You can take the learning at your own pace, practise a new skill each week, tell the group how you’re getting on each week with clients and ask questions to take you further.


  1. Intro to group & course
  2. PREPARATION: Basic of attachment informed. Resources
  3. Mapping parts
  4. House for parts
  5. Rescue & repair protocol.
  6. Overview of IFS protocol
  7. Permission from Protectors
  8. Dialoguing with polarised protectors
  9. Bridging into the cause of symptoms.
  10. EMDR with IFS informed protocol.
  11. Adapted Self / Self like parts & other good looking defences.
  12. Understanding Addiction (opponent process theory)
  13. Preparation work with addiction: connecting consequences & goal image.
  14. Desensitisation Addiction memories.
  15. Addiction protocol.
  16. Review of course & closing questions.

Cost $2222.50 = £1,200 (or £75 x 16 per three hour session) Max 36 participants.

Or = $2963.34 = £1,600 (or £100 x 16 per three hour session). (include stripe links)

or email if you require an invoice.

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