Dialogue with Death

Three-hour EMDR webinar 

Watch again.

Many of you enjoyed my preverbal protocol along with the existential window that opened for us and our clients when exploring where we were before conception. 

This got me thinking, isn’t this where we return to when we die? For many, talking about death is the last taboo. Yet it is the one event we can guarantee will happen to us all. Research shows that up to 15 mental health conditions have death anxiety at the core (Menzies).

So I’ve created a Dialogue with Death protocol that helps people overcome any death anxiety. This protocol is demonstrated during the webinar with clips of client sessions. You’ll see how it allows people to deeply appreciate their lives and live from a more meaningful, whole place.

In a second protocol, I’ve also adapted the Induced After Death Communication (IADC) EMDR protocol (Botkin), which essentially facilitates talking to ghosts! Yes, you read that right. I explore this too during the three hours and we’re joined by someone who was recently bereaved, who shares the deep healing brought by this approach.

Research shows that using the IADC-EMDR protocol helps clients recover from grief quicker and make significantly more improvements than those who received traditional grief counselling. So IADC may be an effective treatment for bereaved clients. I also show clips of the film, Talking to Ghosts out on PBS next year.

You’ll take away two one-page protocols, extensive reading and loads of practical ideas.

Read how others found the webinar:

  • I find it really hard to stay focused on Zoom trainings usually – but I was totally captivated the whole session, hanging on every incredible word.
  • I really was moved and touched, and took a lot of learning away in the protocols.
  • The shared space on the day in the webinar was holding and supportive even online.
  • Annabel, you have a beautiful, gentle, containing and respectful style, a good model for us all.
  • Lovely and generous videos of working which are useful and model the managing and holding of such sadness.
  • I really loved the enormous amount of prep that had obviously gone into this.

Cost £75 UK sterling or $142 AUS (includes GST).