EMDR with Preverbal Trauma

  • A three-hour webinar with Dr Annabel McGoldrick.
  • Webinar on-demand – to watch in your own time.
  • Cost $132 AUS dollars incl GST. £75 UK sterling.

With EMDR we can work with all forms of pre-verbal trauma from the womb through to when conscious memory begins to form. Such memories are implicit, somatic and held in the body. Katie O’Shea first wrote about this in EMDR Solutions II, demonstrating that such pre-verbal memories respond well to EMDR.

Annabel draws on the best of the Attachment informed approach to EMDR pioneered by Laurel Parnell and Mark Brayne. She combines this with Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapy to create her own unique protocol. Annabel demonstrates this during the webinar with video clips of several sessions with different clients, who each have their own unique healing experience with this powerful transpersonal approach.

For many clients their birth was traumatic or they weren’t wanted or even given away. Perhaps they’d like to imagine being born to their ideal parents with whom they can attach in a loving safe way.

What happens if we take such a client back even further to where they were before they were born? For some clients, this can help access the Self, as identified by IFS. This can be quite a transpersonal and transformative existential experience for some people.

This webinar also discusses the concept of the vanishing twin, showing a client who processes this deeply traumatic early grief.

We hear case studies from therapists who’ve been experimenting with Annabel’s protocol.

If you pay for the recording you’ll also receive further reading material, powerpoints and Annabel’s one page clear to follow, simple preverbal protocol.

Feedback from the November 2022 webinar:

Thank you, this training is revolutionary and brilliant“.

“Thank you Annabel – best 3.5 hours CPD for a while.

Your videos were brilliantAlthough part of me wished I’d been there to join you all live, I’ve actually used more or less a whole day to watch your 3.15 hrs webinar as I kept stopping, rewinding, re-listening and taking notes.”

Thank you SO much Annabel! Brilliant stuff!“. “Wonderful. Lots to take away.”

Really inspiring and profound ideas Annabel”Fantastic session thanks so much.

“Another wonderful Annabel-training, always get so much from your training.”

“This has been a great session. I feel excited about the possibilities.”

“Thank you Annabel for this amazing addition to the AI-EMDR rich tools.”

There are no current plans to run this webinar again. Further, longer trainings are being considered. This material is currently taught in Annabel’s 13-week IFS-informed EMDR courses.