Academic publications

Annabel McGoldrick, PhD has a long history of writing scholarly papers, articles and books about Peace Journalism, a field she helped develop with her partner Associate Professor Jake Lynch who went from being a broadcast journalist to a full time academic in 2007.

Their work in Peace Journalism came from the inspiration Professor Johan Galtung in 1997 at Taplow Court, the UK headquarters of the SGI Buddhists. At Annabel’s request, Prof Galtung wrote the theory of Peace Journalism on one side of A4. The rest, as they say, is history.


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Book chapters

  1. McGoldrick, Annabel (2011) ‘Empathy and ethics: journalistic representation and its consequences’, in Jake Lynch, Ibrahim Seaga Shaw and Robert Hackett (eds), Expanding Peace Journalism: comparative and critical approaches. Sydney: Sydney University Press, pp 121-143.
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Articles in refereed journals

  1. McGoldrick, Annabel and Lynch, Jake (2016) ‘Audience responses to Peace Journalism: Merging results from a four-country research study’, Journalism Studies, Vol 17, Issue 5, pp 628-646.
  2. Lynch, Jake, McGoldrick, Annabel and Heathers, James (2015) ‘Psychophysiological audience responses to war journalism and peace journalism’, Global Media and Communication, Vol 11 No 3, pp 201-217.
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  5. McGoldrick, Annabel (2011) ‘Peace Journalism Produces More Hope and Empathy in Filipino Audiences’, Tambara vol 28, pp 43- 79.
  6. McGoldrick, Annabel (2008) ‘Psychological effects of war journalism and Peace Journalism’. Peace and Policy vol 13: pp 86-98.

Documentary films

  1. 2012: Peace Journalism in Mexico, by Jake Lynch and Annabel McGoldrick, 22 mins, Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies, University of Sydney.
  2. 2008: (credited as Script Development and Peace Consultant and co-camera operator) Soldiers of Peace, One Tree Films, directed by Tim Wise and narrated by Michael Douglas, and winner of five international film festival awards: ‘The World Shift’ Award at Cannes Film Festival 2009; Golden Ace Award at Las Vegas International Film Festival 2009; Best Documentary, Monaco International Film Festival 2008; ‘Best Political Documentary’ and ‘Best Cinematography for a Documentary’, Aon Film Festival, Pasadena, 2009.
  3. 2007: Peace Journalism in the Philippines, by Jake Lynch and Annabel McGoldrick, 37 mins, Australian Centre for Independent Journalism, University of Technology, Sydney.
  4. 2004: News from the Holy Land: Peace Journalism, theory and practice 50 mins with 40 pp teaching notes, by Jake Lynch and Annabel McGoldrick, Hawthorn Press, Stroud, UK and Films for the Humanities, Princeton, NJ.