A small team of progressive EMDR clinicians led by Dr Annabel McGoldrick equipping therapists to be their best Self. Our courses explore new horizons in EMDR therapy and training by integrating cutting-edge techniques.

Read a review of my training: Attachment-Informed EMDR: “I came away from the training full of new ideas about how to work with clients when in the past a session may have got stuck or when there was a lack of growth. “

Our vision is to create innovative EMDR training to expand Francine Shapiro’s Adaptive Information Processing model to work easily with attachment wounds, complex PTSD and addictions. We draw on the most effective tools in the field such as the Internal Family System Model (Richard Schwartz) and Attachment Focused EMDR (Laurel Parnell).

Read my latest article, a case study using IFS-informed EMDR published in EMDR Therapy Quarterly, if you click here. And my first article on IFS informed EMDR here.

New Horizons in EMDR

Courses for 2023

Beginning September 1st: 16-week immersion into New Horizons in EMDR: IFS informed EMDR for trauma healing. For three hours a week, you’ll learn the basics of using EMDR with IFS language, in an attachment-informed way; how to help the most stuck and resistant clients by teaching you effective conflict resolution skills to befriend even the most challenging defences from suicidal ideation to life-threatening addictions. For further details go here.

For details on the rest of Annabel’s workshops for 2023 go here.


Individual Attention

From our fabulous team of facilitators who are both EMDR and IFS certified to ensure that you receive one-on-one support while practising the skills learnt on our courses.

Fantastic training materials

Each participant receives their own training manual integrating an attachment informed approach to EMDR with the Internal Family System model that ensures the powerful protectors and defence mechanisms we each have do not block the healing of EMDR. Annabel has written new EMDR protocols covering addiction, working with protectors, as well as an integrated IFS & EMDR protocol. Each is contained on one sheet of A4. These well-written, condensed handouts guide you step by step through the stages of treatment. Providing you with exactly what to say to clients, at your fingertips.

Self-directed Learning

We believe in supporting you through a transition from instructor-directed learning to group-directed and finally self-directed learning to enable you to develop the confidence to use these skills for yourself.

What others say about Dr Annabel McGoldrick’s training:
Feedback from the December AI-EMDR with Parts & Ego states course

The workshop was very organised, well run and flowed and very much exceeded my expectations. This was one of the best workshops I’ve been to. Thank you!

This was a transformative training. The presentation was excellent, handouts incredibly well organised and helpful.

The handouts and powerpoint were clear and informative, the workshop was extremely well organised – the sense of community is heart-warming.

Annabel thank you for seamlessly blending these two healing therapies. I thank you and my clients who will benefit from all your work and experience.

About us

We at EMDR Insight are experienced, accredited EMDR Consultants and IFS trained clinicians.

We equip therapists with the most powerful tools to help our clients navigate the rocky terrain of life.


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