The EMDR Insight Team

Claire van den Bosch trained as a transpersonal psychotherapist at the same college in London (CCPE) as Annabel. She specialises in treating complex trauma, addiction, and addictive and dissociative processes. You read more about her here.

Claire is an EMDR Practitioner and has completed the IFS Institute’s Part 1, 2 & 3 training. Claire is UKCP registered, she runs a thriving full-time EMDR and IFS psychotherapy practice online, in-person in Central London and from her home in Surrey, as well as working one day a week in the outpatient clinic of a private treatment centre. She has been working in addiction recovery settings since 2004.

Claire has a Masters degree in Psychology, Philosophy and Physiology from the University of Oxford. As well as being a Facilitator for EMDR Focus and EMDR Insight she also assists on the Gestalt training module at CCPE. Claire has been in private practice since 2014, active in both the public and corporate sector as a workshop facilitator, trainer and educator since 1996.

In her spare time, Claire is to be found outdoors either open water swimming or enjoying being on her motorbike.

Allie Mackay is a Sydney based Psychologist and Director of a group practice. Her research interests in biofeedback and mindfulness for people living with chronic illness led her to a curiosity about what the body is trying to say, and what it attempts to solve, when in pain.  Seeking evidence-based interventions that go beyond finding peace in the moment naturally led her to explore a variety of trauma-focused therapies.  Since discovering EMDR and more recently, IFS, she combines these with compassion focussed therapy and mindfulness.  Allie now works predominantly with people who have experienced recent as well as past trauma, and people whose lives have become disrupted by pain.   In her spare time, Allie can be found chatting or reading in her favourite cafe or walking her dog along the beach. Allie’s webpage is here. Allie is also a Registered Psychologist, AHPRA. Assoc Member Australian Psychological Society; Board Approved Supervisor with the Australian Psychological Society; Accredited EMDRAA Practitioner; Facilitator with EMDR Insight & EMDR Focus in the UK.

Kristina Sandstrom is a Chartered Counselling Psychologist; an EMDR Consultant and Supervisor; a certified Sensorimotor Psychotherapist, and a Lifespan Integration Advanced practitioner. You can view her webpage here.

Kristina trained with EMDR Focus and Laurel Parnell in attachment informed EMDR, incorporating Janina Fisher’s Working with Parts, and later established an IFS/attachment informed practice.  She has been an EMDR Focus facilitator since 2017.

Kristina has worked in an NHS  tertiary specialist trauma clinic; the Ministry Of Defence, and two private outpatient and residential trauma clinics where she was a supervisor for the clinical team. On two separate occasions, Kristina moved to Kurdistan and worked with the Free Yezidi Foundation. She specialises in treating complex trauma and has a particular interest in early attachment.

James Thomas works in a specialist  NHS Therapy service in Derbyshire and in private practice. Visit his website here. He completed his EMDR  basic training in 2013 and will soon be accredited as an EMDR Consultant. He was an early advocate of Attachment-Focused EMDR with Laurel Parnell. James has spent many years working as a Facilitator for EMDR Focus. He is passionate about combining IFS and EMDR as a kind and inclusive way to help people heal their wounded parts.

James is a Registered Mental Health Nurse, with a Master’s Degree in CBT. He’s a  BABCP accredited Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist with a particular interest in incorporating Compassion and Acceptance based approaches. 

James lives with his family in Derbyshire,  in his spare time, he can be found playing the guitar, spending time outdoors, wild camping and riding bikes.

Dee Cooper is a clinical psychologist based in Launceston Tasmania, read more about her here. She is the director of Synapse Psychology, a group practice of experienced psychologists. Dee is an EMDRAA Accredited EMDR Consultant plus a Psychology Board-approved supervisor. She is passionate about supporting early career professionals in the field of mental health.

Dee originally hails from Zimbabwe and later South Africa working in the Military Hospital where she gained her experience in dealing with war-based trauma. She has subsequently developed a specific interest in working with first responders. Since undergoing further training in Attachment-Informed EMDR with Mark Brayne and Annabel McGoldrick in 2020, Dee’s clinical work has become much more focussed on the importance of recognising the impact of attachment and ways to incorporate IFS therapy.

Dee also co-directs EMDR Integrative, a training company inviting leading EMDR researchers and practitioners to present their approaches for the benefit of the EMDR community.

In her spare time, Dee likes either to play the tenor saxophone; to get absorbed in a painting or else take her dogs Sigmund Floyd and Kalulu for long walks along the Tamar River.

Rebecca O’Callaghan is an Accredited EMDR Consultant in private practice offering online therapy and supervision from Dublin, Ireland to clients worldwide.  You can read more about her here. Rebecca is also a Certified Internal Family Systems (IFS) Therapist; a Gestalt Therapist and she has a Diploma in Relational Supervision.  Rebecca has been practising somatic awareness and embodiment practices such as Vipassana meditation and yoga for over 20 years.  Rebecca integrates many approaches into her therapeutic work with clients, blending science and art, trusting her heart and body, whilst dancing with connection and disconnection.

First and foremost Rebecca finds the therapeutic relationship to be the most important element in the work.  EMDR and IFS are powerful tools but she says, “the scalpel does not make the surgeon”.   Rebecca sees it as her life’s work to continue to deepen her personal exploration and unfolding of herself, and in so doing, along with her clients’ guidance, sharpening her tools and using them with deeper integrity, fluidity, and compassion.

In her personal life, Rebecca’s time is filled with parenting her small children, but she loves to run, walk in the mountains, read and bake when she has time!

John Mulhall is an EMDR Europe Accredited Consultant/Clinical Supervisor. He is also a UKCP registered Cognitive Analytic Psychotherapist (CAT), Trainer and Supervisor. He’s written several CAT academic articles and is a regular trainer on the St Thomas’ Hospital and CAT East professional trainings. John has worked within the NHS for almost 20 years where more recently he’s been developing staff support initiatives and projects promoting a Trauma Informed/Responsive Care agenda.

John has a keen interest in IFS and AI-EMDR plus he’s also trained in other trauma treatment models such as the Comprehensive Resources Model (CRM).

John also runs a small private practice offering therapy and clinical supervision.

Outside of work, John enjoys sports, travelling, music, cycling and motorcycling.

Jacqueline Conroy is a Mental Health Social Worker in Private Practice in Kuranda Far North Queensland. She has developed family education programmes that focus on the traumatic and stressful experiences of caregivers of people with severe mental health and dual diagnosis. Jacqueline has worked with Indigenous health workers and families to develop a cultural understanding of trauma, intergenerational trauma, and addictive behaviours. She now specialises in working with those who’ve experienced recent trauma, survivors of childhood abuse and neglect; members of the defence forces, veterans, and their families.

Jacqueline has completed a Bachelor of Science, Counselling Diploma and Master of Social Work (Academic Medal). She is an Accredited Mental Health Social Worker, AASW member and supervisor, EMDRAA full member.

For more on Jacqueline go here.

Dr Dave Howsam is a GP based in Leichhardt, Sydney. He is an EMDR Consultant and IFS Level 2 trained.

He works with clients experiencing Trauma, Attachment & Developmental neglect, deprivation and abuse, Complex PTSD, Unexplained Medical Symptoms.

He is open to referrals on a case-by-case basis.

Specialities: EMDR, Hypnosis, EFT,  EgoState Therapy, DNMS, NLP

MBBS: FSPsychMed

Ella Shannon is an Accredited EMDR Practitioner in private practice in Cairns, Far North Queensland, Australia. She is also a Clinical Sexologist and Relationship Counsellor. Ella holds a number of leadership roles including currently as the National Chair of the Society of Australian Sexologists. She is an ACA Level 4 Clinical Supervisor. Previously, Ella managed the Cairns Sexual Assault Service.

She is passionate about supporting people to have nourishing relationships. Since finding Annabel’s incredible melding of modalities in Attachment and Internal Family Systems Informed EMDR Ella has made this her main approach to working with individuals. 

Flora Saxby is an Accredited EMDR practitioner and Accredited BACP therapist. She initially trained as a nurse, specialising in early pregnancy loss and gynaecology. After many fulfilling years as a nurse, she realised that talking with and supporting her patients emotionally was the best part of this job so she switched to psychotherapy.

Flora completed an Integrative, Relational Master’s in Counselling and Psychotherapy and currently works in private practice in London and online, helping survivors of both attachment and recent trauma. Read more about here. With the charity Petals, she also helps those who have experienced pregnancy loss or the death of a child.

Blending Attachment-Informed EMDR with IFS has been life-changing personally and professionally and has given such clarity in her work.

When not working Flora loves to spend time with her family and friends, or her dog Bella. She especially loves being by the sea, enjoys making a chocolate cake and is beginning to learn about gardening.

Nerida is an EMDRAA Accredited EMDR practitioner in private practice, Sydney, Australia. She is a PACFA registered clinical Supervisor with a Bachelor Degree and Masters of Psychotherapy and Counselling.

Nerida has specialised in Addiction Recovery for over 30 years. She works in a private Psychiatric Clinic, facilitating group therapy for patients in recovery from Substance Use Disorder (SUD), both outpatient and inpatient programs. She also works in the Eating Disorder Unit and the Mood Disorders/Acute Care Unit, as well as facilitating Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) groups.

Nerida is passionate about assisting her clients to flourish and loves and believes in the IFS/ Attachment informed EMDR as her therapy approach. 

 In her spare time, Nerida enjoys keeping fit at the gym and walking her dog. She also loves spending time with her grand child and watching them play sports.

Priscilla Short is an accredited EMDR practitioner, a chartered counselling psychologist, and a relationship therapist. She is HCPC accredited and a member of the BPS, Association of Family Therapists and BACP and works with adults, young adults, couples, parents and families. Her specialisms include relationship issues (with individuals, couples and families), attachment trauma, complex trauma and anxiety disorders. Priscilla has also taken an IFS Part 1 training. Her webpage is here.

Priscilla’s approach is pluralistic, drawing on many different influences such as systemic theory, psychodynamic / attachment theory, acceptance and commitment therapy, mindfulness, compassion-based therapy, polyvagal theory, CBT, RLT, IFS and the AIP theory of trauma that underpins EMDR therapy.

Priscilla’s hobbies include running and playing with her gorgeous little working cocker spaniel, spending time in France and voraciously reading.