Unleash Retreats. Advanced EMDR with yoga, meditation & rest.

June & October, 2023 with Dr Annabel McGoldrick

For those fed up with Zoom training courses, I’ll be running more unique in-person Unleash your EMDR Part 1 workshops at the Happy Buddha in the beautiful Blue Mountains near Sydney. Spread over three days instead of two, you’ll have time to rest and recuperate with yoga and meditation as well as absorb the learning. We’re just finished the first Unleash Retreat, so we’ve planned a second Part 1 running June 26-28 2023, followed by an Unleash Part 2, running October 23-25. Fill in the book form to grab your spot.

Do join me in the Blue Mountains to gain a whole new perspective on EMDR.

Making the journey from basic EMDR training to becoming a fully-fledged EMDR therapist can be challenging. Unleash your EMDR Part 1 combines the insights of attachment theory to bolster the standard EMDR protocol so it becomes a flexible, relational tool in service of our clients’ healing. Attachment Informed (AI-) EMDR adds rich imaginal resourcing to the preparation phase of EMDR, and proactive bridging to tap into the roots of client symptoms. This approach radically simplifies the process of target selection, particularly when working with complex PTSD.

So many EMDR novices are confused about where to start processing when working with clients who haven’t experienced a simple single incident trauma. Let’s face it, there really aren’t many of those! Learning AI-EMDR means that after the training you’ll have an immensely powerful tool at your fingertips, a way of applying EMDR to heal those early attachment traumas that so often keep people trapped in self-destructive behaviours. Annabel will be teaching Mark Brayne’s hugely popular material, Unleash your EMDR Release the Magic. Part One. The Basics of Advanced, Attachment-Informed, Integrative EMDR is an evolved version of Laurel Parnell’s Attachment-Focused EMDR. For more visit EMDR Focus. Along with all the fun activities of the Happy Buddha, like drumming, yoga and meditation.

During this training, you’ll learn how to add rich imaginal resourcing to EMDR to make the processing of attachment wounds much safer and more reparative. You’ll go away knowing how to target any issue, and will no longer need to rely on a complex trauma map but can use the client’s unconscious to bridge into the root causes of all their issues today.

Price $1199 (including GST).

The Happy Buddha is situated in Wentworth Falls, 90 minutes west of Sydney. It is accessible by car and train. The price includes all your meals, yoga, meditation, drumming and two nights of accommodation with twin share ensuite rooms.

Please note all the food is vegan, and the most amazing vegan food you’ll ever experience!

I trained with Laurel Parnell in Attachment-Focused EMDR, in New York in 2017. I then worked as a facilitator with Laurel for a number of years in the UK helping to deliver her Attachment-Focused EMDR workshops.

A key component of this course is case conceptualisation helping you understand how the client got to behave the way they do in the world today, whether that’s anxiously or avoidantly. This involves tapping into their attachment story and rewiring their brain using the magic of EMDR and the Adaptive Information Processing Model.

Feedback from the Happy Buddha Unleash Retreat & others led by Annabel

  • The timetable flowed, it is a great venue, amazing location and food and the ethos of the place fits with the ‘come as you are’.
  • I loved seeing Annabel doing the demos it was great seeing it in action and helped with understanding the flow that is hard to put into words.
  • Annabel was a fabulous facilitator with a huge depth of knowledge and I also loved her sense of humour sprinkled throughout the sessions.
  • “This was a transformative training.”
  • “This was one of the best workshops I’ve been to.”                                                                     
  • “The way Annabel enabled us to experientially explore …AI-EMDR was masterful.”
  • “The workshop was very organised, well run and flowed”
  • “I loved Annabel’s enthusiasm and humanness”.
  • “Very much exceeded expectations.”
  • “I have been using everything I’ve learned and already am starting to see this make an incredible difference.”
  • “The AI-EMDR protocols are amazingly helpful.”

We have our own team of dedicated Australian facilitators who will supervise your practice sessions, offering insightful tips and compassionate guidance to ensure that you enjoy the best learning experience over these two days. You’ll take turns rotating roles as the therapist, client and observer. “I had a deep, personal shift in the therapy I received as a client on my first Attachment focused training with Laurel Parnell”, writes Annabel.