IFS & Attachment informed EMDR

Runs Fri – Sun: date tbc 1800-2230 Sydney time 0700-1130 UK time

New Horizons in EMDR: harnessing the insights of parts & ego states by using an IFS-informed approach to trauma healing. A short course spread over three mornings or afternoons, depending on which hemisphere you’re in. Led by Dr Annabel McGoldrick. We’ve just run this workshop so are looking for new dates. Let us know if you’re interested in the next one.

This follows several other very popular workshops with Annabel. Read a review in EMDR Therapy Quarterly: “I came away from the training full of new ideas about how to work with clients when in the past a session may have got stuck or when there was a lack of growth.

Read my latest article on IFS-informed EMDR published in the EMDR Therapy Quarterly here.

If you’ve ever found your clients dissociating, avoiding their feelings or showing any form of resistance, this is the course for you. Incorporating the Internal Family System (IFS) model as part of your EMDR toolkit is invaluable. It makes the work safer, resistance melts aways as you and your client come to appreciate all forms of defence as helpful survival strategies. These just needed upgrading to meet the needs of the present, while clients’ ego states are commonly frozen in the past.

What others are saying about the workshop:

  • “The workshop was simply amazing”;
  • “I liked the presentation, demo and helpful worksheets”;
  • “The generosity with which everyone shared their experiences was amazing”;
  • “Really useful training and I would highly recommend”;
  • “Brilliant, love this approach including the flexibility and creativity of it”;
  • “I felt energised and nourished by the whole experience”;
  • “I loved all of it”; “Very well put together”; “ invaluable”;
  • “have observed great outcomes for my clients”;
  • “Annabel has done a great job”.
On this course you’ll learn how to:

With LIVE demos of a real session, plenty of time to practise the new techniques during supervised practicums plus clear, simple A4 handouts explaining what to do step by step. You’ll leave knowing exactly what to do with even your most challenging clients, from the Monday morning after the course.

  • Recognise the types of parts: the managers, firefighters, exiles and Self;
  • Appreciate the jobs and roles these parts perform;
  • How to dialogue with protectors and gain their permission to access exiles;
  • Dialogue with polarised parts in a two hand interweave;
  • How to integrate IFS in an Attachment Informed EMDR protocol.