New horizons in EMDR with Addiction 2023

You can learn more about Annabel’s work on EMDR with Addictions, in a full workshop with live demos and practicums running date tbc: 1700-2130 AEST/ 0800-1230 UK.

Annabel has created her own EMDR Addiction protocol by distilling the very best EMDR addiction protocols. Firstly this targets the dopamine hit that’s driving the addiction symptoms because this is a memory-based, dopamine-driven habit loop. Like pain, pleasure networks respond to bilateral stimulation too. Then by using an Attachment-informed EMDR, the protocol guides us to bridge into, then target, the early life trauma underneath, that’s set someone up to be predisposed to solving sadness through overeating or other maladaptive behaviours.

For a more detailed explanation about my approach do read a journal article I wrote for EMDR Therapy Quarterly, Lessons learned from working with addiction & EMDR
April 2020.

Here’s what people said about Annabel’s previous EMDR with Addiction courses:

“Your training is so good and so thorough, it’s like having the full training again, with extra. I love how it keeps to one central concept rather than reinventing techniques for different diagnoses”.

Thank you Annabel – what a fantastic day – I learned so much and I really appreciate all your hard work and enthusiasm! It wasn’t ‘death by PowerPoint’ but inspiration by PowerPoint. Loads of ideas and material were covered in that one short day and I look forward to re-reading the slides and following up on the people and ideas to find out more. I will need to practise and consolidate the protocol but I feel confident to do so. The short piece of work I did as a client has been amazing – it seems to have completely uncoupled eating unhealthy food from the buzz-feeling of a sense of belonging, which I’m very happy about!

I have been using everything I’ve learned and already am starting to see this make an incredible difference. It also reinforced for me that as a learner I really need that experiential element to consolidate what I learn by reading”.

I loved Annabel’s enthusiasm and humanness. She made it all seem so effortless and I hope to be able to use the protocol with the same level of confidence she does some day. As always the training was extremely well organised and efficient”.

“One of the most powerful and valuable courses I have experienced”.

Cost AUD $795 Please also in the registration form here.